Kasalis Announces Partnership with 3-EDGE for European Sales and Distribution

We are very pleased to announce a partnership with 3-EDGE GmbH for sales, distribution, and technical support of our Pixid line of camera module alignment and test systems throughout Europe.  Together with 3-EDGE, Kasalis aims to provide an enhanced experience for all Kasalis customers in Europe, giving them local technical advisors who provide timely service and spare parts delivery.

Our philosophy of localization has led us toward multi-language interfaces and locally-focused teams that can support our customers in Asia and Europe.  We want to ensure that every interaction we have with a customer is a positive one, providing technical expertise and a timely response.

At Kasalis, we are confident in the outstanding technical knowledge, support, and after-sales service that 3-EDGE provides and look forward to working together.  For more information, please read the official press release or visit the 3-EDGE website.