Camera Modules Galore: Kasalis Excited for Bigger Office

Kasalis is buzzing with talk of moving to our new office, which is currently being renovated to suit camera module alignment equipment manufacturing and our growing number of employees.  Crowding into the current office has become a necessity, to the point of putting desks in the printer room, so everyone is thrilled that we’ll soon have a new, and much bigger, office.

Our interior design team is developing some cutting-edge features that will reflect the innovative  and industrial feeling we want in the office.  There will be clear acrylic photo panels, colorful accents, and unique light fixtures to warm up the rooms.

The new office space includes an open work area with natural light, new clean room, reception area, and plenty of offices that will house our management team and employees.  The space also includes a kitchen with ample eating space, two large conference rooms, and additional meeting areas throughout.

Moving day should happen sometime in April, so we will post an announcement, photos, and our new address when it’s ready.