Kasalis and Jabil Optics

Copyright 2015 Edua WildeLast year, Kasalis officially became a part of Jabil Optics.  Our team here at Kasalis is eagerly looking forward to pursuing exciting opportunities as part of this larger organization, but will continue to operate independently.  Kasalis can now offer customers access to a much wider array of design and manufacturing services in conjunction with our own active alignment equipment and related customer service.

Jabil Optics is a division of Jabil Circuit, a publicly traded company (NYSE: JBL) headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Jabil Optics provides advanced optical design services, process development, supply chain management, and precision manufacturing for leading brands in smartphones, automotive, consumer electronics, and security.

As part of the Jabil Optics team, Kasalis provides in-depth knowledge of optical system alignment technologies and is now integrated into a full-service operation, allowing for one-stop solutions from innovative design all the way through precision mass production.