Kasalis Has New Digs!

The new Kasalis lobby.

The new Kasalis lobby.

We are pleased to announce that Kasalis has officially moved to a significantly larger office; our new world headquarters address is 11 North Ave in Burlington, Massachusetts.  The move was made necessary by our expanding sales and security requirements.

Our new office space more than doubles our square footage and includes a collaborative work environment, six conference rooms, a clean room, manufacturing floor, and high security spaces featuring several integrated measures to keep customer information and products absolutely private.

In keeping with our drive to produce the best products possible, we have created a layout and atmosphere that is conducive to interaction, collaboration, and inspiration. Our modern workstations and furniture speak to our culture of thinking about how best to solve the challenges of the future. We are just settling in and making this our home, enjoying some cool spaces and a new ping pong table.

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