Why Active Alignment Doesn’t Have to Mean High Cost

Our Pixid product release announcement was recently published in Image Sensors World and because it garnered a few comments concerning the cost of active alignment, we would like to take this opportunity to make sure our readers know that we are taking an innovative new approach to our camera module assembly systems.

By reducing the active alignment time to single digit seconds and providing per-module costs that are competitive with more traditional, passive alignment (i.e. screw-in) methods, we have developed products that provide our customers with a competitive edge both in terms of superior technology and lower manufacturing costs.  We want active alignment to be the new standard for camera modules that must keep pace with the fast-moving electronics industry and to do so, we have taken operating and purchasing costs into consideration with this new model.

In terms of value on a per module basis, we aim to be second to none.  And with that in mind, stay tuned for further discussion of active alignment, the camera module industry, and our value proposition.