Camera Modules Galore: Kasalis Excited for Bigger Office

Kasalis is buzzing with talk of moving to our new office, which is currently being renovated to suit camera module alignment equipment manufacturing and our growing number of employees.  Crowding into the current office has become a necessity, to the point of putting desks in the printer room, so everyone is thrilled that we’ll soon have a new, and much bigger, office.

Our interior design team is developing some cutting-edge features that will reflect the innovative  and industrial feeling we want in the office.  There will be clear acrylic photo panels, colorful accents, and unique light fixtures to warm up the rooms.

The new office space includes an open work area with natural light, new clean room, reception area, and plenty of offices that will house our management team and employees.  The space also includes a kitchen with ample eating space, two large conference rooms, and additional meeting areas throughout.

Moving day should happen sometime in April, so we will post an announcement, photos, and our new address when it’s ready.

Now Available: The Pixid 300 Series, Groundbreaking Automated Active Alignment and Test System

We are thrilled to announce that our signature alignment and test system, the Pixid 300 Series, is now available to high volume manufacturers of camera modules. Our engineers have truly created an outstanding assembly system that leapfrogs existing standards to meet the future demands of fast-moving high technology industries.

Camera module assembly system Pixid 300 Pro

The groundbreaking Pixid 300 Pro is our signature model.
















Why is the Pixid system different?  For starters, its innovative design allows for parallel processing of camera modules, so when one is being aligned, another is getting its adhesive. This contributes to our industry-leading cycle time of only 15 seconds, or 240 camera units per hour, all using active alignment for the absolute best image quality possible.  In addition, the yield of usable camera modules is higher using our machines because of our Adaptive IntelligenceTM software, which adjusts the alignment algorithm based on data trends.

Our systems cost significantly less than the industry average, both in terms of equipment and maintenance costs.  Our modular design makes the Pixid series easy to operate and very simple to repair or update.  With customer needs in mind, we have taken a new approach to active alignment and developed this system to meet their challenges head-on, including driving down the cost of active alignment, creating an intuitive, easily operated machine that doesn’t require an engineering degree, and lowering lead times by designing for the rapid configuration of systems.

The Pixid 300 Pro model is a fully automated manufacturing system featuring active alignment, configurable optical testing options, Adaptive IntelligenceTM SPC, and automated adhesive dispense and UV cure.  In addition to the Pixid 300 Pro, the line includes the Pixid 300 Test model, which is intended purely for the high speed, final functional testing of camera modules. The Pixid 300 systems are designed for high volume production of camera modules such as those used in smartphones, cars, webcams, medical imaging, wearable sports cameras, and security cameras.

Kasalis Announces Website Launch

We have been working hard on the new and improved Kasalis website for months and are pleased to announce that the new is live!

Our new website has a clean design that features information about our camera module alignment and testing systems and makes it easy to find the best system for your business. Whether you need just one system for research and development or several for a major production line, we certainly have a system that will meet your needs.

Some of the features of our new website are:

  • Selection Guide: Consult this convenient chart to compare products side-by-side.
  • Product Pages: For detailed specifications, you can read about each product individually.
  • Services and Support: Find out where we can assist you, whether you are introducing a new product or want to lease a PixidTM system.
  • Technologies: Learn more about the technologies that are integrated into our camera module assembly systems.
  • Blog: soon to be full of insightful commentary regarding industry trends, new technologies, and our own company news.

We hope you enjoy our new website!  Please contact us at any time if you are interested in learning more about our Pixid product line, providing optical alignment for digital camera modules.