New Product Introduction | Jabil Kasalis


Our integrated process development program was designed to produce the best possible results in the development of customers' new products. Jabil Kasalis provides useful customer guidance at every stage of the process. Our approach is to let each phase inform the next as we move forward to deployment, drawing on our expertise and in-house resources to provide a full-service experience.


We will help you analyze goals to define the scope of your project and plan your product development process. Our team will work with you to specify requirements and identify design goals. We offer exceptional industry insight and experience in redefining optics.


In the design and development of products, we offer optical, mechanical, and electronic parts design and verification. As part of development, we can also provide validation to assemble designed parts. Services include material and component selection, equipment guidance, and new product introduction.


We know that customers need to ensure that their products are being manufactured to exacting standards and meeting functional goals. We also know that given our extensive network of capabilities, we can provide any prototyping required, whether it's here at Jabl Kasalis, where we can provide high security black box manufacturing, or at another Jabil location.


Your customized alignment system will be built to exacting specifications. Our technicians will fine-tune each modular component to meet system goals and perform extensive tests to ascertain that it is ready for high volume production.


The Pixid system will be delivered to your factory floor. We will perform installation, qualify the machine, and complete the process transfer. The system will be in your trained team's capable hands from then on and our support team will be available should any questions arise.


Our goal is to fully support customers throughout all stages of NPI, particularly after deployment. In addition to our team in the U.S., global support teams are located in Europe and Asia. We are always available to discuss customer challenges or questions.