Adaptive Optical Assembly Engineered for Excellence


Kasalis provides advanced solutions for the active alignment, assembly, and test of compact camera and projection optics for leading companies involved in making mobile cameras, augmented and virtual reality systems, automotive cameras, and gesture control systems.

We provide industry-leading technologies for the assembly of key optical components in today’s ultra-miniaturized electronics. Our reach extends globally, from our base in the Boston area to our colleagues at Jabil Optics in California, Germany, China, and Israel, and even further if you look at Jabil’s global footprint. As part of Jabil, a Fortune 500 company, we have both stability and streamlined access to hundreds of services that our customers might require.

Our exceptional technologies are recognized by an esteemed list of clients whose leading brands influence their respective industries significantly. As part of our commitment to our customers, security and privacy are among our priorities; that is why we have high security black box manufacturing onsite. This dedication to customers is paramount in our philosophy, and also means that we strive to provide systems with peak performance to enable these customers to create the best possible products.

Providing guidance to customers every step of the way, and with a rich background of industry experience, our team will work closely with customers to fulfill their business and product goals. Kasalis strives to find the best solution for each customer, and does so by utilizing a winning combination of proprietary technology, industry expertise, wide range of additional services, and dedication to its customers’ needs.


Unmatched Expertise

The Kasalis team combines its decades of immersion in the opto-electronics industry with the in-depth knowledge Jabil Optics has garnered from years of work with Carl Zeiss.


Since 2015, Kasalis has been a part of Jabil Optics. We work together seamlessly to provide customers with advanced optical design services, process development, supply chain management, and precision manufacturing for leading brands in smartphones, automotive, consumer electronics, and security.

Jabil Optics fortifies Kasalis by offering a wide range of expertise and services that are invaluable to our customers, whose challenges may need a dedicated team in fields outside of our own. Colleagues at Jabil Optics bring a wealth of experience in international project management; optical, mechanical, and electrical design; product verification; supply chain management; and manufacturing engineering and new product introduction.

In addition, with its best-in-class manufacturing capabilities and facilities, Jabil Optics is an excellent contract manufacturing partner for your opto-electronics. At Jabil Optics, intricate and in-depth knowledge of optical systems and technologies, gained through years of Carl Zeiss history, is integrated into a full-service operation, allowing for one-stop solutions from innovative design all the way through precision mass production. For more information, please visit www.jabiloptics.com.

Capture. Compute. Connect.

Global Presence

With the worldwide network of Jabil offices at our disposal, Kasalis is capable of servicing international customers effortlessly. Our global reach is unequaled amongst the competition.


Adaptive Intelligence

Proprietary software using live feedback to optimize results and production

Active Alignment

Highest precision optics alignment in six degrees of freedom

Assembly of optics

UV-cured adhesive completes the assembly of actively aligned cameras and projection optics


Alignment and assembly systems manufactured using lean and six sigma principles

Optical Tests

Post-assembly testing for a wide range of qualities and image clarity


Rich history in optical systems and technologies, backed by Jabil Optics