Kasalis: leading the industry for over a decade


Established more than ten years ago, Kasalis is a proven market leader companies turn to for premier active alignment technology that is unmatched anywhere. Today, we are excited to announce a new brand direction from Jabil Kasalis to simply Kasalis. We believe shifting to our established and independent brand identity will better demonstrate our distinctive value in the market.

“Kasalis is constantly innovating and reinventing new ways to share why our experience and knowledge makes us the only choice when absolute optical manufacturing precision is required,” said Justin Roe, co-founder, and president of Kasalis. “We are excited to get back to our roots and offer active alignment with the industry’s best algorithms, thought leadership, and approach to devising and architecting active alignment systems with our customers all over the world.”

Though our name and logo have changed, we remain a technology of division of Jabil, a Fortune 500 company. Through Jabil, Kasalis gains access to nearly 200,000 manufacturing employees worldwide and has the unique ability to scale quickly. For customers, this means continued access to leading global solutions for active alignment, assembly, and testing of optical devices like compact cameras and automotive cameras, augmented reality systems, 3D sensing systems, LiDAR and more. Now, as Kasalis, we will continue to hold a competitive advantage in optoelectronic innovation and engineering excellence.

Kasalis was founded by Rich By, Aaron Israelski, Mark Kozak and Justin Roe in 2011 – a team with over 85 years of combined experience and a vision for making active alignment automation systems less expensive and less rigid in their design. Kasalis’ cutting-edge platforms, named PIXID, provide optical alignment manufacturing of electronic devices at a quality and scale that is incomparable in the industry. Millions of devices including sports cameras, , mobile devices, drones, LiDAR, AR/VR headsets and medical devices have been built using Kasalis PIXID systems.

With the evolution of cameras, everyday consumers expect the images on their screens to be high-quality and immersive. In recent years, the use of 360° cameras has multiplied, providing users with not only captivating images but also experiences. National Geographic’s YouTube channel has an audience of nearly 18 million subscribers, drawn largely in part to their 360° video capabilities which can take viewers on a journey up to the heights of Mt. Everest and down under for deep-sea explorations – all using 360° cameras. At Kasalis, we’ve been innovating the possibilities of cameras, 3D imaging and augmented reality for years. Our focus on advancing the active alignment continues to push the boundaries of what is possible.

“Kasalis shares the entrepreneurial approach of a startup and the backing of a global technology and manufacturing giant, Jabil,” said Mark Kozak, director of engineering at Kasalis. “In today’s tech-centered world, dynamic optical assembly engineered for excellence is vital.”

Kasalis works closely with customers through every step of the development process to support, define, design, prototype, industrialize and deploy products across diverse industries. The Kasalis brand is truly unmatched today in quality, customization, and precision with systems that continue to enable the enhanced development of current and next-generation capabilities of electronic devices of today . . . and the future.

For more information about Kasalis’ capabilities, solutions or platforms, please visit kasalis.com.

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