Assembly of high precision camera and projector modules is both a science and an art. Using our most sophisticated algorithms, paired with creative approaches to design and function, we have developed a system that embodies the best of both worlds. 

Our integrated process development program was designed to produce the best possible results in the development of customers' new products. Using our established alignment systems and platforms, we can ensure absolute optical manufacturing precision.


We’ve developed the most important top-level guidelines to consider while designing cameras to be assembled using Active Alignment.


We can provide any prototyping required, with high-security black box manufacturing at the Kasalis headquarters, or at any other Jabil location.

Process Development

Our integrated process development program brings our expertise in “lab-to-mass” manufacturing transition, giving customers a robust process for a successful product launch.

Tooling Design

We provide expertise in the design of high precision tooling, allowing for repeatable mechanical referencing for the device under manufacture.

Factory Support

For deployment, we perform installation, qualify the machine, and complete the process transfer—while offering ongoing support.


Whether you’re performing in-process testing and characterization or post-process final testing and validation, our optical test suite is the most comprehensive in the industry.

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