AUTOMOTIVE Enabling next-gen safety and performance

From technology which can monitor blind spots to laser depth sensing for autonomous vehicles, optical modules from Jabil Optics design and Kasalis active alignment are part of the most advanced vehicles on the road today. Our design and production of high precision, actively aligned automotive cameras, projection and LiDAR modules are enabling next generation safety and performance. 

Automotive cameras for HUD and LiDar


Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are designed to increase safety and driving efficiency.

Automotive cameras for HUD and LiDar


HUD technology allows for projection of images, such as navigation, on the windshield for safer driving.

Automotive cameras for HUD and LiDar


Touchless controls allow for hand movements instead of touching dashboard control buttons.

Automotive cameras for HUD and LiDar


Laser depth sensing provides high-speed dimensional imagery for autonomous steering systems. 

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